1836705_2155545565721_1669732341_oHi, I’m Ray.

My life goal is to live an interesting and meaningful story. Lately, I’ve been asking myself “If someone were to write a screenplay and make a movie about my life, how much would it need to be adapted?” h/t to Bruce Strong for recommending the book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.”

I love politics and it is often the lens through which I view the world. In my opinion, photography is a political act. Making pictures is my preferred method of making political statements.

I prefer to photograph places and people for longer periods of time so I can show how and why they’ve changed. When people allow me to document their life, I feel great responsibility to portray them in a way that accurately reflects who they are.  

I feel humbled to have developed the relationships I have and to have gone where I’ve gone with my camera.

So far, I’m pretty happy with how my life story has been written. I look forward to more adventures in the future.

I love to collaborate and brainstorm. Let’s connect!