After 34 years together, Stanley Finch and Jeffery Beam got married in 2014. Their act of matrimony legally redefined their relationship and the two formally became family members. "We never thought this day would come in our lifetime," said Beam. “It’s hard to think it is real and not some joke.”  On the morning of their marriage, Jeffery gives Stanley a kiss before leaving their house in Hillsborough to run errands.
 Jeffery looks at himself in the bathroom mirror before heading to his church wedding. 
 Jeffery reads over one of the marriage certificates before the wedding. 
 Stanley hugs Jeffery at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, which was co-officiated by Drake Maynard, left, and Helen Johnson, second to left.
 After the wedding ceremony, Jeffery and Stanley relax in their living room with their dog Bijon.
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